Promotional duffel bags make great giveaways.  Duffel bags are those soft sided, and sometimes, cylindrical bags that are specially designed to roll clothes and cloth accessories into. The term "duffel bag" originally referred to bags that were made of duffel which is a thick and furry kind of cloth. In time the meaning of the term included all bags that are used for quickly stuffing your gear into, such as the bags used by athletes and sports people.

Promotional duffel bags may be rectangular in shape with soft corners or cylindrical. Whatever shape they come in, no stiff reinforcing pads are sewn into it, giving it great flexibility of shape and a good stretch in order to accommodate easily the oddest shaped items that can fit into it. The reason for the soft sides of promotional duffel bags is to minimize the weight of the bag when it is fully loaded with stuff.

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As more and more accessories for athletic and sports activities are being invented, sportsmen and athletes need more and more storage that will accommodate odd shapes and can afford the greatest space for all kinds of paraphernalia, while at the same time not being too heavy. An additional convenience derived from the pliability of promotional duffel bags is that they can be carried in any position and will conveniently allow the owner to stuff them anywhere without breaking them.

Promotional Duffel bags are multi-functional and therefore promotional duffel bags will never go unappreciated or ever be unused by the persons you gave them to. The soft walls of the promotional duffel bag will accommodate any kind of logo made from stiff materials or embroidered on them. In all cases, attaching your logo to the promotional duffel bags is a much easier thing to do than with hard-sided luggage-style packs. If you know how to stitch, you could even do it yourself. This is because no hard linings will have to be removed and replaced in the process of attaching the logo patches to the bag.

Duffel bags give you the spaciousness of conventional luggage together with the flexibility of knapsacks. They will just as easily accommodate flat and rigid objects as they will your bath towel.

Promotional duffel bags come in durable nylon cloth which may be treated with a water-resistant chemical keeping your things inside dry. Others may have an additional lining of plasticized cloth inside for more proofing. The most expensive and durable duffel bags are leather-crafted. These leather bags will provide the ultimate in durability and protection for your tools and stuff even on extended trips. The more recent innovation for duffel bags is to provide them with a detachable stiff back on which rollers are attached. This will allow the owner to drag them instead of carrying them, over long distances, such as airport corridors. These stiff backs may be removed when stacking the bags in with other luggage to provide ease of storage.

If you are looking at gifting people you don't really know all that well, promotional duffel bags will hit your mark. Most people engage in sports activities of some kind and all people go on outings. The promotional duffel bag will always be appreciated as a gift.